Save Temptation Ice Cream! Save Middle Western Vegans!

 This email has been going around. I don't know what "shelf space" means but it sounds like losing it would be a bad thing.



We are going to lose our shelfspace in the midwest region of Whole Foods

#1. GO BUY SOME ASAP, because this might be the last time you can. Pints are going for only $2.37 because it is being discontinued. Vote for us with your pocketbook.

#2: Call the Midwest Regional Whole Foods Market office at 773.755.1500: Be nice and let them know you love Temptation and want to buy it all summer long! Vote for us with your Voice!

#3: Find your LOCAL Whole Foods store and tell the manager you want us on the shelf! (Find your local store here:

#4: TELL SOMEONE ABOUT US. Have them contact Whole Foods. We are a special vegan company... a)ONLY one made on vegan equipment. b)ONLY ones using Fair Trade Certified ingredients c)ONLY ones supporting the local grassroots animal rights activists d)WAY FREAKING MORE VEGAN THAN OTHER BRANDS!!!

Whole Foods Market has been a great friend in our efforts to bring a unique 100% vegan ice cream to customers in the Midwest. Lower sales in the entire category have forced all brands into a smaller amount of freezer space, and we are going to suffer. It's not easy to run a company ethically and entirely vegan. The other products are all made at dairies and we don't think that's too cool.

If we, somehow, manage to maintain our shelf space, you can trust we'll have the MOST INSANE SUMMER PARTY YET... WITH PLENTY OF FREE ICE CREAM! BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! THIS WEEK! TODAY! (VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN.. TRUE CHICAGO STYLE)

Otherwise, keep fighting the good fight... but it's not over. We can get this shelf space back, but it's in your hands. Please, please... make a call, buy a pint... or we're gone in the Midwest (Our home).

(Product is still available at independent health food stores and Whole Foods Market in OTHER regions, and soon WHOLE FOODS MID-ATLANTIC)

From the bottom of our hearts... Thanks for your help.
-Ryan and Dan

Chicago Soydairy / Temptation VEGAN ice cream."

Vegan Brunch in Brooklyn this Sunday

I'll be cooking brunch in the belly of Brooklyn for the bellies of Brooklyn, this Sunday 4/1 at Vox Pop Cafe on Cortelyou Road. Please show up and meet other vegans and listen to my Ipod. It should be lots of fun or at least less miserable than where ever else you might have brunch.

You'll have a choice of Lemon Corn Waffles with Blueberry Sauce, fresh fruit and soy (or rice) yogurt or a Breakfast Burrito filled with Scrambled Tofu, Homefries, Tempeh Bacon with Guac and Salsa on the side. All for a measly 8 bucks. Get there between 11 am and 1 pm, stay as long as you like. And take a walk through Prospect Park afterwards to do some bird watching. It's migration season!

Maybe you'll see a Bufflehead Duck in the park, bufflehead.

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Pandowdy if an old-fashioned American dessert that doesn't get much play these days. The concept reminds me of the kind of thing a child might decide to do to their food, if they were industrious enough to roll out a pastry. It's simply a pie whose crust has been smashed into the fruit halfway through cooking. The appeal is in the texture; the top of the pastry stays flaky and crispy and the bottom is mushy and soggy with fruit. I love the sloppy beauty of it.

This version is mango and pear, but you can do it with any fruit pie. Half way through baking remove the pie from the oven and cut  inch or so squares into the crust. Use a spoon to smush the squares into the fruit, this is what's called "dowdying", then return the pie to the oven. Serve warm, and it begs for scoop of vanilla ice cream so give in.

Happy Shmalentines Day!

I know that everyone is either having sex or looking at internet porn so I will keep it brief. I made these rustic little individual heart shaped apple galettes. A galette is just a thin free form pie, but I guess this isn't "free form" since I made it heart-shaped. Whatever, stop being such prescriptivists.

Wings are for flying not for frying

In keeping with Paula Deen week here at PPK headquarters, I thought I should make some tofu wings. They are coated in panko and rosemary, fried and then smothered in hot sauce. There's a ranch dipping sauce, for good measure. The dipping sauce is super easy; just about 1/3 cup mayo, half a lemon, a few pinches of powdered garlic and a dollop of smooth mustard. There's no reason to get too fancy when you are eating wings.

You have to really like the hot sauce you are using in order to appreciate these. We ended up serving them on sammiches.

Chocolate Smlove Pie: What would Paula Deen do?

This is a rich yet airy chocolate pie smothered in peanut butter caramel, studded with maple candies pecans and finished off with a chocolate drizzle for good measure. I use a graham cracker crust but a chocolate cookie crust would be nice, too. The pie itself is gluten free so if you have a gluten free crust you celiacs are good to go. I was inspired to make it when I asked myself what Paula Deen would bake if she were vegan. If you don't want to go through the trouble of making the toppings, the pie by itself is pretty yummy, too! Top it with soy whip cream if you got it. I'll be serving this and other good stuff at a vegan dinner event for New York Magazine in May. Check back for details!

If you're wondering why it's called Smlove Pie, it's a long and stupid story. The recipe is below. Enjoy!

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