Meat Eating Parents Starve Baby!

Enough with this vegan parent baby killers thing already. I probably get 10 angry emails a day about it, all of which I ignore along with the emails about canine teeth, lack of protein and instructions directly from god to eat meat. But this op ed piece by Nina Planck really bugged me. I wrote a response to it elsewhere, but I'm posting it here for good measure.

For starters, Nina Planck, is not a doctor or even a nutritionist. She is a business woman whose business is selling meat and dairy to people, including her book about why meat and dairy are good for you.

There are plant sources for DHA yet she chooses to omit that fact. She does say that plant sources for essential amino acids are "inferior in quantity and quality" but offers no evidence of this. Probably because there is actually no evidence of this. Humans can synthesize enough DHA from eating plant sources rich in Omega-3s, like flax seeds. So if the mom is eating her omega-3s and breast feeding, DHA levels should be sufficient and free of mercury and other toxins that a fish-heavy diet would surely contain. However, I'm not a doctor, so here is an article about vegan pregnancy and infancy by someone who is.

She says that this has happened three times in four years, but I can think of only one other case where the parents actually were actually feeding their child cod fish liver oil and so this seems to directly contradict Nina's assertions that fish oils would have saved the baby. It also contradicts the very notion that this baby was fed a vegan diet.

Also, how many babies starved at the hand of omnivorous parents in the past 4 years? I bet that Nina doesn't have those statistics at hand. "Meat Eating Parents Starve Baby" doesn't make a very good headline. Also, how many vegan babies did not die of starvation in the past 4 years? Again, that would probably not make a very sexy headline either.

Finally, I just want to add some anecdotal evidence into the mix. The vegan children that I know have all been vibrant, happy and healthy. If anything good can come of this recent tragedy it will be that some responsible reporter somewhere in the world will decide to do a story about them.

Who are these elusive happy, healthy vegan mom and baby?

No Death, No Dinner

I bit the "ethical omnivorism" bullet. As you probably have noticed, I tend not to talk politics, instead opting to make yummy vegan food and force feed it to people. But asked me to debate a yoga guy about ethical meat eating and I said yes. What followed was a few days long email debate, which you can read here. Only the first 2 emails are there so far, the rest will be up this week. Jewcy introduced me as a utilitarian, which I'm not really, but whatever.

Vegan Secret Dinner Wed. 5/23 - don't miss it for reals!

New York magazine asked me to host this vegan dinner party on May 23rd, and gave me the free range to come up with a creative menu that fit with their theme. I can't give you all the details but think Asian Bat Mitvah!

We are having our event at a yet to be disclosed location, and if you buy a ticket, you'll be getting an e-mail from me 24 hours in advance with the location, the menu, and some fun places to hit up before the dinner party.  Before this event gets too public, I wanted to give you, my loyal friends, cooking partners, and readers, the chance to buy a ticket!  Its $35 bucks, and you get a multi-course meal, open bar, dance floor and the delicious tunes of Man Man!

Buy your tickets today between 3 and 6 to make sure you get a seat!

Here are the details again:
Who: Post Punk Kitchen
What: A dinner party
When: May 23rd, 2007 from 7:30 to 11:00
Where: We're not telling
Why: Because you want yummy food
How: Go to to buy a ticket for $35

The charitable partmer for this event is NY Cares.

May 23rd - vegan dinner night, save the date!

I can't tell you the exact details yet but this is going to be awesome.  NY Magazine and NY Cares are hosting a vegan dinner with awesome music and an open bar and a dance floor. Tickets will be 30 bucks. I wish I could tell you all the details now because it's just insanely ridiculously awesome, like the vegan bat mitvah I never had. But I can't tell you the details. Yet.  But save the date! And save up 30 dollars!

This link will take you to the event page, if you try to buy tickets right now it will say it's sold out, but it's not. I'll give more details sometime this week. Seriously - save the date like crazy.

Brunch again - this Sunday 5/6 at Vox Pop in Brooklyn

The last brunch went so well that we're making it a regular thing. So show up this Sunday May 6th between 11am and 1pm  to get your vegan waffle on.

The menu is the same - Breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu, homefries, tempeh bacon, salsa fresca (that's fresh salsa to you, bub) and guacamole


Pumpkin waffles with apple butter, vanilla soy yogurt and the freshest fruit that Brooklyn has to offer

We're raising the price to 8 bucks, but it's a benefit for Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, so I won't be lining my own pockets with your hard earned cash.

I hope to see you there!

Vox Pop website for directions and what have you.

Happy brunchers from last time

A really decent Caesar Salad

Even I am skeptical of creamy dressings made with tofu, but Terry has won me over completely with this Caesar Salad. Capers are the star here, and almonds give it a creamy but slightly grainy texture, similar to hard cheese. And of course there's garlic, too, and a little lemon to brighten things up.  I haven't even mentioned the roasted garlic croutons. What I am trying to say is that I love Terry, and you should, too.

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And did you know that Caesar Salad isn't named after the Roman guy, but by some other guy named Caesar working at a restaurant in Mexico in the 20s?

Seitan O Greatness takes over the internet

Seitan O Greatness, from Let's Get Sconed

Not since Jennifer Schmoo invented Vegan Twinkies have I seen a recipe make the blog rounds like this. Starting from one little post on the PPK forums, Lachesis' seitan has captivated our hearts (and farts) and minds.

Driven by some peculiar obsessive desire that must stem from having no toys as a child and instead resorting to collecting twigs*, I decided to document every instance of this seitan on the internet. But then I got lazy. But here is what I have so far.

Jess of Let's Get Sconed mentions it a lot. In this instance she uses it in a recipe for Asparagus, Almond and Basil Fried Rice.

Vivacious Vegan makes an Indian flavored version for a Tikka Masala recipe.

Okra Mary at Picked Treats takes only one bite! But she plans on using it for taco filling. Stay tuned.

Vegetation veganizes her mum's Beef Stroganoff recipe, and cuts down on the spiciness a bit.

Squirrel's Vegan Kitchen tweaks the spices a bit. Also check out that Kahlua pie!

Utopian Kitchen pays homage to the double threat; Lachesis' recipe in LoLo's Crispy Sweet And Sour Seitan.

A lil mention from Frytopia.

Susan of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen bakes hers in the toaster oven, plus tweaks the recipe Susan style.

Have Cake Will Travel
tries the log method out with the PPK recipe and in the same post pays homage to the Soy Not Oi! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie.

First lindyloo sings the seitan's praises and ends things with a very important public service announcement of the flatulated nature on Yeah That Vegan Shit.

Try to check out as many of the links as you can, since discovering new vegan blogs is like striking gold.

*I really did this. And then I wrapped them in lanyard and taped a piece of paper onto them detailing where and when I found the twig. The fork is wrong with me?

Wasted away again in Manischewitzville

I can't believe this. For the first time in ever I 1) Read an email that my mom sent me and 2) Am actually going to post it. The reason being that a vegan Haggadah is mentioned at a little after 3 minutes. It's a cover of Margarittaville, as the title implies.


And mom, this does not a set a precedent for you to send me more emails! I don't WANT the Bergdoff's cookie recipe!

Jamba Juice redefines "non-dairy"

Because, like, what does non-dairy really mean, man? I'm just so sick of these labels. Why can't we all just be juice?

"Jamba Juice says it won't tell you upfront the ingredients in its 'non-dairy blend' because of 'trade secrets,' but perhaps the real secret is that it contains milk products and an ingredient known to give some people explosive diarrhea."