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Catching up with ppk mode

Oh man I am behind in my livejournaling, both reading people's and updating my own.

Ladyfest was tons of fun but I can't find the pictures! Terry and I want to do lots more workshops so let us know about events in your area. There is nothing like giving people the power of sushi.

And here is some really wonderful news, my cookbook is going to be published! I'll give more details when all the contracts and stuff are finalized, I don't want to jinx anything, but I am thoroughly excited. I love the publishing house and I love my lit agent. I also love being able to develop the book and to be cooking with such purpose.

I'm really inspired and have been making some lovely entrees (as per the suggestion of you all). I have perfected my gnocchi recipes: spinach gnocchi, sweet potato gnocchi and regular potato gnocchi. It is so gratifying to make your own pasta and gnocchi is as simple as it gets. The pain I had been having was that the potatoes are supposed to steam to achieve the required texture but lord knows that takes too long and is too tricky. I decided just to boil the potatoes peeled and whole and that was they key, the texture was perfect, not too watery, not too firm.

The one downside of the book being published is that I can't post all my recipes anymore. I need to have 150 recipes done by April 15th, which means basically that I have to perfect a recipe every day to make my deadline. I'll probably still post some because I can't help myself.

Also, I will be accepting maybe 10 or so recipes from readers/viewers/fans/enemies. If you would like to see your recipe in print then e-mail me (, I will send you a book, dvd and t-shirt in return and plus you'll be famous!

But enough about me, what is everyone making for Thanksgiving?
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