isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Happy pot pie season!

This is my favorite way to construct the edges of a pie crust. It's easy, you don't have to trim anything and it looks rustic yet professional. Alls you do is press the crusts together, roll the edges inward, then take a knife and firmly score the roll at an angle, all around. Try it. It's better looking than pressing with a fork and easier to pull off than pinching.

This particular pot pie has homemade seitan plus the usual suspects; peas, carrots, shallots. I used the seitan simmering broth to make the gravy, so nothing was wasted. Except for, like, my entire afternoon.
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that looks soooooooooo good! it's starting to feel fall-ish here in TX
and i've been thinking about what to cook for dinner this fall season.
think I just found dinner tonight!
Выглядит действительно восхитительно!

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I still like to flute the crust with my fingers...although I admit I haven't baked a pie in over a year.
Cool tip, the crust looks great.. actually everything looks amazing.
I suck at homemade pot pies. Maybe I can pull off a decent-looking and edible pie this autumn. (Wish me luck!)
damn. i want to make a pot pie. except i've never made a pie. i don't even know what you're talking about with all this 'pinching and scoring'. ahem.
Don't worry about the "pinching & scoring" bit - it's really easy.

"Pinching" is just what it sounds like: you put the bottom crust in the pie pan, fill it with whatever delicious filling you'd like, then lay the second/top crust on top of it. Then you actully pinch the two crusts together so they seal shut -- this prevents that delicious filling from shooting out of the sides.

As for "scoring", do you know what it means when a piece of paper is scored? It means that it's slightly cut for ease of folding/tearing/whatever, but not cut all the way through. Same concept with the pie crust. She rolled the sides up & used a knife to cut slits in the dough using just enough pressure to make lines on the edge, but not enough pressure to actually slice through the dough.

I'm going to make an apple pie this weekend while I watch the Bears game (can you tell I am so ready for fall?), and I am really excited to try this technique!
Pot pies rule! :) Yours looks delicious. :)
as IF "wasted afternoon"

if that had fallen on the floor right after coming out of the oven, then PERHAPS a little bit of wasted-hood.

But I mean even then I would have still licked the linoleum clean.
Stuff like that really does take a long time, doesn't it. And it makes a big ol' mess in a tiny kitchen. I'm thinking pot pie with yams inside. Either a mashed yam-topped Shepherd's pie or maybe cubes of yam in a pot pie with the shallots and peas and a hint of spice in the nutmeg-cardamom range. Autumnal! Followed up by apple cider cupcakes (which I have never made, but I'm sure someone's come up with something).
There is an apple cider cupcake in Vegan Cupcakes.

A pot pie shouldn't really take that long, but I made the seitan myself so with the simmering and cooling, that was 2 hours. 2 hours of mostly sitting on my couch, but still 2 hours. The filling was actually really quick, maybe 15 minutes. The pie crust I made while the seitan was simmering, but then the baking was another hour of, again, sitting on the couch.

All in all, it is totally worth it. But a shepherd's pie would be faster.


10 years ago

i just went over to the post punk kitchen website for the first time ever, and, i shit you not, my iTunes shuffled to "soul kitchen" by X as soon as i got there. craaaaazy.


September 19 2007, 04:56:55 UTC 10 years ago

I'm trying that trick next time I get my hands on some dough.

Vicki's Vegan Vice
Now you just made me hungry
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