isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

VeggieAwards, you and me

Please vote for me in the VeggieAwards for favorite cookbook author! Because if I don't win I will cry as if I just watched a double feature of Life Is Beautiful and Beaches while simultaneously reading Flowers For Algernon. The Post Punk KItchen is also up for best website, but I don't expect to win that since I haven't updated the site since, like, February.

Also, if you vote you might win prizes. Who doesn't love prizes?
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Deleted comment

Seconded - everybody loves them some Isa.
I've bought so many vegan cook books and yours are my favorite. You don't compromise taste, you don't use pre-packaged food in your recipes, and they are easy to understand! I also love the personal touches you put in the book with your stories and your cat.

Were you watching Oxygen when watching beaches?
I voted for you! There was no space for country so I put Sweden as a state XD
You got my vote! Good luck!
You really know how to make me feel guilty. I know I would cry a lot if I did all that.
I voted for the PPK for best website anyway, so nyah.
i already did!! you rock!! =)
Done! And I voted for PPK, anyway, cuz it's still full of good useful info, and the forums are still active.
'kay lady, my votes are in!

WIth all confidence I voted for you and Ronald's donuts whenever I could.
I voted for you, OBVIOUSLY.
now... where's my $$$?
Very happy to do so :-) Have you written anywhere about your plans for the PPK, Web page and TV show?
already voted. (for you)

a few weeks ago my husband forbade me from endless talking about VwaV (i just went off dairy 2 months ago)

looking forward to veganomicon
Voted for you and the ppk even though I don't think it will win.. I just figured I'd vote for it for good measure (it's a great site.. even if it hasn't been updated in a while.)
You bet I voted for you! Today I made your TLT sammiches from VWAV and they were delicious. (I helps having homemade hummus, try saying that 5 times fast.)
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