isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Make it happen Bloomington!

This post was left on the PPK message boards.

Theres something new in Bloomington, it's called the Blooming-Vegan Brunch!

It is basically a party outside every Sunday serving all vegan food. The location is not important and will preferably be different every time. While it is nice outside still, it will be outdoors. In the winter, who knows.

Live music will be present. It will be non-profit. It will be fun. We want ideas and creative people, this will hopefully become something bigger than what it sounds like right now. The possibilities are endless and theres no way for us to limit what will happen. So anything you want to make happen will likely happen, as long as you make it happen.... know what I mean?

I'm looking for anyone that wants to be involved. There are tons of ways to contribute including cooking, making decisions, pulling strings and as previously mentioned, making shiitake happen.

Email us at with interests or questions!

The Art-Official Crew
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Any idea which Bloomington this is? Is it Illinois?
Or Indiana? That would rock, because I am there. :)


10 years ago

I hope it's IL. :)


10 years ago

ohh that sounds awesome- wish there was something rad like that in brisbane!
Да это точно!
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there are definitely enough vegans in Blgtn, IN to make this happen. I don't live there anymore though. i will pass it on to my friends.


July 7 2007, 13:05:40 UTC 10 years ago

I'm about 15 minutes away from B-town, but when I move for college I will be more like 4 hours away. No fun.
That was me. ^^
Visit SuperWeed (I know you know where that is) for the rules. Then tell us some things we don't already know about the vegan cookbook queen.
This post refers to Bloomington, Indiana. thankfully.



October 3 2007, 05:37:31 UTC 10 years ago

hey everyone,

i just joined and wanted to say hi. :)
Hi! I just found this forum and it looks really cool.

Now, I gotta run off and read some posts. :)
Hi all!
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