isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Video from the Secret Dinner!

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"I have a friend that knows the chef. Not knows knows. But knows."

Heeheehee. That looked awesome.
new york kicks portlands asparagus.
i was gonna quote the 'not knows knows' line too because it was kind of how i describe how i know you. except my friends know know you. so maybe this guy is like my friend.
There is something funny about the leather shoe advertisement right before the video played.
I know! Luckily there was some Stella McCartney shoe in there, too.
By being really broke (& also pretty sick) i REALLY missed out! All night long i was saying, "You know where i'd rather be?..." I kinda still wish i was there.

Deleted comment

i really wanted to go, but we're sorta scrimping and saving and we deffy couldn't make that trek on a wednesday night. it looked like such a great night.
I love my town (STL) but sometimes I really want to be in NYC.

BTW, looking like a Jewish grandmother is never bad.

Dude, you don't look like a Jewish grandmother.
hahahahaah I was the one who commented on your cupcake recipes
Cool! And thanks! That's awesome that you got into the video.
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