isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

May 23rd - vegan dinner night, save the date!

I can't tell you the exact details yet but this is going to be awesome.  NY Magazine and NY Cares are hosting a vegan dinner with awesome music and an open bar and a dance floor. Tickets will be 30 bucks. I wish I could tell you all the details now because it's just insanely ridiculously awesome, like the vegan bat mitvah I never had. But I can't tell you the details. Yet.  But save the date! And save up 30 dollars!

This link will take you to the event page, if you try to buy tickets right now it will say it's sold out, but it's not. I'll give more details sometime this week. Seriously - save the date like crazy.
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Well drat- the brunches are before I arrive, and the dinners are after!

Would you have any suggestions for someone visiting NYC this coming weekend (12-15th)? 15th is my birthday even! I'll be spending the days at the Metropolitan Pavilion (chelsea-flatiron I believe), and staying at the youth hostel on Amsterdam (the hostelling international hostel). I'd love suggestions of where to go for tasty bites, and possibly meeting fun people. Alas, I know NYC very little, and worry I'll be living off what fruit and such I bring with me!
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