isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Jet setting and waflle makin'

Next Wednesday I meet my literary agent, he's coming to NY. He lives in LA, when he told me his address to mail him some bizness I thought he was kidding when he said 90210.

I'm so happy that Autumn is coming, Prospect Park smells delicious and leafy, especially at dusk. Dusk is a romantic word. Brooklyn is the most beautiful place on the planet, I'm so lucky to be from here.

I'm having a huge vegan brunch on Sunday with the Nerds, I'm excited. We're making 3 kinds of waffles: Chocolate with Cherry Sauce, Apple Wheatgerm with cinnamon cashew creme and LemonPecan with Blueberry Sauce. These are recipes for the cookbook that I'm testing out but I will post them when I'm done, I haven't written out the recipes yet. And I'm going to make tempeh sausages and use leeks for casings. I actually got the idea from a carnivorous sausage making cookbook and I think it's awesome. I get so many ideas from those flesh eaters.

I had 2 reunions this week, one with my friend Amy from Florida who spies on my livejournal and one with my friend Fran who I ran into at the Park Slope Food Coop, she was waddling around all cute and pregnant. Both of them are tall, I like my tall friends.
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