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Vegan Sammiches

I've started a sammich makin' business, if you know people in the Park Slope area let them know that they can have vegan sammiches every day of the week. Here's the generic email I sent out:

Hi guys! Here is the menu for next week. Try to place orders for the whole week* by Friday. All sammiches come with a little side salad (potato salad, coleslaw, bean salad - whatever I feel like making) and are a measly $8. For offices put as many orders as you can in one email. Email your order to Remember to include your address and phone number. Sammiches will be delivered between noon and 2 pm, but I will call you at around 11 to give you a more specific time. Feel free to forward the menu to whomever you think might be interested (so long as they are in the Park Slope area, because it's just me and a shopping cart!)

Happy Sammiches!
ox Isa

Vegan Sammiches Menu July 17 - 21

Chili Corn Crusted Tofu Po'boy
Cornmeal battered lightly fried tofu, shredded lettuce, tomatoes on French bread with a mildly spicy chipotle tartar sauce.

Portobello Basil Sandwich
Grilled portobellos, fresh basil, red onion and fresh tomatoes on French bread, with roasted garlic mayonnaise.

Avocado Caesar Wrap
Red leaf lettuce tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing, wrapped around plenty of avocado and tomatoes in a spinach wrap.

Tempeh Reuben
Grilled lemon tempeh, sauerkraut and avocado on rye bread with thousand island dressing.

BBQ Seitan & Coleslaw
Spicy BBQ Seitan and creamy coleslaw in a hero.

*Most likely I will be flexible with this but you should include your order for the entire week. So if you're in an office your email might look like...
Monday - 4 sammiches
Tuesday - 6 sammiches
Wednesday - 3 sammiches
Thursday - 2 billion sammiches
Friday - 1 sammich
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