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Veganism in an uder veldt

When I'd ask my grandmother for something she couldn't or wouldn't give me she'd say "In an uder veldt". I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong. It's yiddish for "in another world" and I presume she meant a better, magical world where I could stay up as late as I wanted and eat ice cream.

That's what this made me think of - someone posting a message to help unveganize the Fauxstess Cupcakes because they just can't find a non-vegan version. Imagine a day when people are like "I can't find meat hotdogs!". That's why I don't mind meat analogs all that much. I mean, from a culinary perspective I find them boring but from a sociological stand point they are awesome. Words have the meaning we give them, there was a point in time where "meat" simply meant "food". So when people complain about "real" burgers vs. "fake" burgers they should really take it up with a linguist, not a vegan. Maybe someday real burgers will mean soy.

Anyways, it led me to google fauxstess cupcakes and I found lots of cool blogs that document their fauxstess.

Anarchy and peace Fauxstess
Swirly fauxstess
Puffy Fauxstess en transit
Perfect Fauxstess
Sloppy luscious looking Fauxstess
My favorite Fauxstess
The first time I posted about them, the recipe is there!

Image from Bunnyfoot blog

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