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Brooklyn Vegnic '06 - Be there or be somewhere else entirely

Terry's Bangs present VEGNIC '06
(special thanks last year's sponsor Eppy's moustache)

Food! Vitamin D! Bird watching! Extreme lounging! Wiffle ball!

Saturday, June 24th
Noon o'clock till the breaka breaka dawn

Prospect Park by the picnic house

What to bring
Stuff for grilling, stuff for drinking, stuff for snacking, pies, salads, you know - edible vegan things. 

Also, bring frisbees, wiffle accoutrement. Whatever other kinds of balls you want to bring. NO HACKEYSACKS!

You may want to bring a sheet for sitting, folding chairs and folding tables a plus. Salary commensurate with experience.

Here's 'rections:

F train to 7th Ave. station
Walk uphill on 9th street to Prospect Park West, make left to 5th Street.

2 or 3 train at Grand Army Plaza station.
Walk up Prospect Park West to 5th Street (about 8 blocks)

Enter park at 5th Street and walk straight.

View this pdf map for details of what you'll be walking passed.

Right after you cross the road in the park, we hopefully will be on the left of the picnic house. If we couldn't get a spot there then check the right side. You will know us by the stench of veganism.

If you have questions or anything check out this thread on the PPK forums. Remember, the only stupid questions are the ones that you ask out loud.
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