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For vegans with more vegan to love

In 1996 I dated this guy who said "You're vegan? But you're so thick." as he playfully slapped my derriere. I think I broke up with him the next day. I know that "thick" is supposed to be a compliment in hip hop vernacular but he was still a little too sexist for me so it was over anyway. My point is that the vegan diet is not a cure all for that extra junk in the trunk. White flour, sugar, fried foods - they're all still vegan. And don't get me started on the cupcakes. So I was happy to find Fat Free Vegan, a food blog with pretty pictures and low fat recipes. Go check it out and follow this seasoned vegan's adventures as she serves up all sorts of yumminess, from muffins to Mexican pumpkin soup to southern cuisine. And oh yeah, a couple of really nice looking salads.

Mexican Pumpkin Soup

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