isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Another reason to hate* California

As if all that sunshine isn't bad enough, there is now going to be a completely vegan boutique in Costa Mesa! (As if I know where Costa Mesa is.) It's called "Humanitaire" and there is no website yet but the lease has been signed and for now you can view the MySpace profile.

"No need to check labels in this boutique - everything sold at Humanitaire is vegan, sweatshop-free, and not tested on animals. Our philosophy is that style and ethics are not mutually exclusive. We plan to carry shoes, bags, wallets, faux fur accessories, makeup, t-shirts, jewelry, and whatever else we can think of between now and opening day (date TBA)." - Humanitaire

And since I told you about it, pick me up something pretty, ok? This ass don't decorate itself.

*When East Coasters say hate we mean love. We are a complicated people.

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