isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Cruelty free cupcakes

Waking up at 8 am on a Sunday is painful. Not just any Sunday, the Sunday it decided to turn from unseasonably warm into eyelashes freezing cold. But my reasons for doing so are noble and true. I am baking cupcakes for my nephew's first birthday! The thing is, he can't eat them because he's only one. So I am going to make some sort of crispy rice, brown rice syrup concoction for him and chocolate cupcakes for the rest. What a way to break the news to him that life isn't always cupcakes and comfy sweatshirts and water taxis across the East River. Some times it's brown rice balls and 18 layers and wet frozen feet waiting for the Q train.

And speaking of cupcakes, this is as good a time as any to announce our next book: Vegan Cupcake! I say "our" because Terry is writing it with me. And I say "Vegan Cupcake" because I haven't come up with a title for it yet but I can assure you that it will 100% pure cupcake. It's not going to be a huge book - about 30 cupcake recipes all with photography (which I am so happy about!) and an extensive section on decorating and crafting the little darlings. It's going to be released in Fall '06 which incidently will be around the same time that we put all other cupcake franchizes out of business.
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