isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

3 Presents for you and yours

This is what everyone is getting from me this year. Since none of my friends read this journal it's safe to say that it will still be a surprise. Wait, not to say that you - dear reader - do not double as a friend. Just to say that you've never let me cry on your shoulder at 3 am. There's time yet, though.

1 - Webly's 2006 Kitchen Calendar. I've already gotten mine and they are perfect. Cute but not cutesy. They have recipes for every month plus helpful cooking tips (of course the tips are helpful, why would you have unhelpful tips?). And they are only 3 dollars! At that price you can't afford not to. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the paypal address)

2 - 2006 Slingshot organizer. Because you need to know about the textile workers strike that happened on your birthday. Plus, you need to remember your therapy appointments.

3 - Herbivore Magazine subscription. Because Herbivore is fun, informative and well designed. So it's like 3 steps above The New Yorker. And I wish I'd thought of saying "Putting the F.U. in tofu since '03."

Consume! Consume!


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