isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Critical Mass

I went to brunch at Veggie Planet in Cambridge Mass yesterday with my girls. The food was quite good, pumpkin in the scrambled tofu pretty much tells you that the cooks know what is up. The waffles were ok. Wait, that wasn't a very foody sentence. "The waffles were OK." How ever am I going to get that NY times food columnist slot like that? My waffles are better but I can't complain (ok yes I can). We also got
some much hyped brownies that they appear to have forgotten to bake - I'm not being facetious, I really think that the batter was spread into the pan and placed in the fridge and the server didn't realize that it
was raw batter. The zucchini crumb cake was wonderful and flavorful and they had a kick ass thai inspired rutabega soup that I would like to recreate. So overall I am going to put it up there as one of the best
brunch experiences I've ever had. Here's the scrambled tofu and potatoes.

We spent the weekend in Salem trying to get into the Halloween spirit.Unfortunately the Halloween spirit hated us and decided to plague us with rain pretty much the entire weekend. But we got to see the worst wax museum in the world, scenes of smiling young girls seemingly looking forward to their hangings. The Pirate Museum was either closed or non-existent, I don't remember which. But we had a lot of fun in our pajamas in the hotel room and much wisdom was gleaned from the Tom Cruise epic "Cocktail".
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