isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Bea Arthur vs Goldfinger

So my publishers are really great and they are trying to get all sorts of people to put "blurbs" on my book cover. You know like "Mollie Katzen is going to piss herself when she sees these awesome recipes! All other vegan cooks better back the hell up!" - Noam Chomsky. So they come up with some names like Goldfinger and Sum 41 but I am thinking more Bea Arthur and Corey Feldman because they are more punk. Punk, to me, is not about spiky hair and catchy riffs, it's something in the eyes - it's a person's "essence". It's possible to write punk music and wear punk clothes and also be punk of course but it isn't always guaranteed. Bea Arthur screams punk to me. No, literally, she's screaming at me right now. I don't think you need a visual aid but I got conked over the head with Photoshop.

She recently wrote a piece about banning foie gras for the Star Tribune but the article is gone because she is that much of a threat.
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