September 27th, 2007

Veganomicon sample recipes and stuff

Thanks for all the well wishes. I feel a bit better, and my mom said just to rest and not leave the house today. So I was able to update the website a bit and put up a page for Veganomicon that includes a few recipes you can sample. And because everyone was so sweet even after I called you a cheapskate, I put up the Chickpea Noodle Soup recipe, too.

Please ignore the stupid Emeril ads for chicken stock that google ads keeps filtering in. I am getting rid of those this week because they obviously don't understand veganism. Instead support the Wildwood ads, they are vegan owned and operated and their soygurt clobbers.

Other people's vegan cookbooks (OPVC)

Herbivore is publishing two cookbooks that I'm really excited about by two talented cooks that I really like. First up is Yellow Rose Recipes by Joanna Vaught, who I've had the pleasure to meet a couple of times in Portland as well as spend years with on the internet. She does yummy American cuisine, with (what I think of as) a Southwestern flair. Maybe I just think that because she's from Texas.

She has some recipes on her site up so go test them out!

Next up is Lauren Ulm (lolo to you)  of veganyumyum, who always astounds the entire internet with her I-wish-I-could-reach-into-the-computer-and-grab-that photography and tutorials. I'm actually going to write the foreword for that baby whether or not she wants me to.

So this is turning out to be quite a year for vegan cooking. Let the turncoats like Mollie Katzen and Peter Berley dismiss vegetarianism and promote their fictitious happy meat and animals that want to die for us. We don't need 'em.

PS We actually do need them. We need everyone. But they've been especially annoying in the press lately.