February 17th, 2007


Pandowdy if an old-fashioned American dessert that doesn't get much play these days. The concept reminds me of the kind of thing a child might decide to do to their food, if they were industrious enough to roll out a pastry. It's simply a pie whose crust has been smashed into the fruit halfway through cooking. The appeal is in the texture; the top of the pastry stays flaky and crispy and the bottom is mushy and soggy with fruit. I love the sloppy beauty of it.

This version is mango and pear, but you can do it with any fruit pie. Half way through baking remove the pie from the oven and cut  inch or so squares into the crust. Use a spoon to smush the squares into the fruit, this is what's called "dowdying", then return the pie to the oven. Serve warm, and it begs for scoop of vanilla ice cream so give in.