July 24th, 2006

A vote for Dread is a vote for veganism

You know when someone is like "vote for me on the internet!" for something and you're all "no way, who the hell are you?"

Well, instead, just this once can you be all "yes, definitely!"? My friend Eppy, the inventor of veganism and metal, is up for an Ennie award which I guess is pretty important to nerds. And his game is really fun, it's a role playing game that uses Jenga instead of dice.

In the game I was in the players played people that were hunting Ted Nugent for sport. So a vote for Dread is a vote for veganism. Also, you can check out the game and get a copy, even if you don't play RPGs it's really fun.

To vote, go here and pick Dread in the categories best rules and best game. You don't have to vote for everything else. It's fun and easy! Well, it's easy anyway.

And here are Jim and Evelyn from veganfriendly.com playing Dread.

Dread the gameDread, the funnest game in the world!