July 7th, 2006

Rainbow cookies

My friend Erica requested (as in demanded) that I make a vegan rainbow cookie and so I set out on what I thought would be a simple little day of baking. These innocent looking cookies put me through hell. The dough was near impossible to work with so after lining three pans with it and then realizing that my pans were way too big for the amount of dough I had, I had to scrape sticky dough off of parchment paper and reuse my brownie pan 3 times. And of course my natural green food coloring didn't work, but I tried even though I knew it wouldn't. So these are yellow.

For those unfamiliar with the beauty that is the rainblow cookie, it's layers of cakey marzipan, spead with a little raspberry jam and coated in chocolate. It should be the colors of the Italian flag but these - I'm not sure what flag this could be. You can get them at most Italian bakeries in Brooklyn, and actually many Jewish bakeries have them as well these days. I guess they stopped trying to fight it and became one culture. They're also called "tri-color" cookies, but I grew up calling them rainbow so that's what I call them. I'd love to know a little about their history or if they are actually even made in Italy, I get the feeling they originated in Brooklyn, though.

Anyway - I present you with the vegan rainbow cookie!

Vegan Rainbow Cookie