June 21st, 2006

Food Network Watch '06

Why does all cooking show music sound like porn music? At first I thought it was just a strange coincidence but maybe it's calculated. And it's the kind of porn music that people who make porn might not want to use because it sounds too much like porn music.

Coupla' other things.

On Malto Mario his "students" or whatever they are are always looking at him like not only have they never seen a gnocchi but like they've just been awakened from the pod and they are getting their first glimpse at human interaction. Now they think everyone is supposed to wear skorts. "Mario, do you always boil the water before putting the pasta in?"

My friend Jim and I have a Bobby Flay stand up routine where one of us pretends to be Bobby Flay and the other plays vaguely ethnic skeptical friend. It goes like this.

Person playing Bobby: Now I'm going to put some pineapple.... on the grill!

Vaguely ethnic skeptical friend: Pineapple on the grill? I dunnnnno' Bobby....

It's funnier if you're there. I guess you'll get to see it when we take our Bobby Flay stand up on the road.