April 16th, 2006

Oh look, a picture of a cupcake, What a surprise.

I have so much to say but such little inclination to say it. I think a list is in order.

1- The cupcake book is almost done. Here’s a picture of a cupcake to prove it.

Vegan Tiramisu Cupcake
Tiramisu Cupcake

2- I was on TV in Boston. It got off to a rough start but then things smoothed out. You can watch me making waffles here.

3- I’m going on a book tour this week. But it’s not really a tour it’s only Minneapolis and Portland (see details below for Mpls. In Portland I’ll be at Food Fight Grocery on Saturday May 6th). It seemed like too much of a hassle to procure other dates in other cities and plus I’m shy sometimes. Mostly I am going to be camping but in any case I will be gone for 3 whole weeks. I hope that veganism can survive without me.

4- Wow, that wasn’t much of a list at all.

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