April 2nd, 2006

She doesn't even know I exist

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Joan Jett for Herbivore magazine and she was awesome. Totally smart and intense and badass. About halfway through the interview I realized that she had no idea who I was and felt really stupid for asking a million questions about food.

Joan: Like I was saying with the pasta and a great marinara sauce with good olive oil and stuff. I’m so happy when I sit down and make that food for myself. It’s really a nice experience. Do you cook?

 Me: Yeah. Well you gave me a quote for my cookbook actually.

Joan: Oh, really? Yeah! That's your cookbook?

So that probably won't make it into the interview. And also, at the beginning I called her "Joan Jett" instead of "Joan". As in "Hi Joan Jett!". She said "You can call me Joan." So I felt pretty stupid from the get-go. But at least I can tell my adopted grandchildren that I interviewed Joan Jett.