February 27th, 2006

The kosher aisle is a place on earth

There’s something to be said for living in the suburbs. And that something is that you’ve got great supermarkets.

I love a relaxing stroll down the clean, spacious aisles and shiny shopping carts that don’t have wheels that take any excuse to squeak and lock up on you. I love the light music gently being pumped into the air like a morphine IV. People that say "excuse me" and "can I just get passed you?" and "I just need to to grab that". I don’t have any of that in my neighborhood supermarkets. I have cilantro that’s been stepped on and the cloying stench of dried, smoked cod. Who is eating all that dried, smoked, cod? Isn’t that what the Dutch settlers ate by virtue of there was absolutely nothing else and they didn’t feel like chewing off their own limbs? But more importantly they don’t have the kosher aisle.

So I went to Sheepshead Bay this weekend for an engagement with Super Shop and Stop. Of course it isn’t the suburbs, not quite, but it did make me feel like a soccer mom (albeit, an Eastern European one). If you can make it there someday you have got to get a load of their kosher aisle, it’s like the wailing wall of kosher aisles. I didn’t get a picture of the actual holy land but here were a few of my purchases:
Kosher Aisle
Clockwise from top: Adult fruit slices, baby fruit slices, chocolate lentils (like M&Ms sort of ), chocolate chips (although it says REAL in bold lettering the first ingredient is sugar)

These are just some of the products I picked up for cupcake decorating purposes. I also came into some Red Wine noodles, kasha knishes and other various sundries. I found some kosher gelatin but I am pretty certain that they use fish something of other rather than cow parts to make it kosher , so, it’s not a complete heaven but it’s at least got to be the welcome mat of heaven.