February 5th, 2006

Fork you Barefoot Contessa and Mark Bittman

VwaV is number 33 on Amazon's best selling cookbooks! Just one behind The Joy Of Cooking.

PS It's really rude to say fork you to other people. If I ever met those people I would never say anything like that to them. In fact, I would probably be happy to meet them. I actually like Mark Bittman's book. I don't know what came over me. I blame shoddy parenting and lack of boundaries. I also realize that some day VwaV will be number 80 million and that Barefoot Contessa and Mark Bittman will be snorting beluga caviar off of Anthony Bourdain's back while he eats from a trough of foie grois pate and Rachel Ray films the whole thing. Meanwhile I will be eating Top Ramen purchased with food stamps and living in a hovel in Sheepshead Bay. It may have even happened by the time you click on that link. That's fine. Just let me have my moment.

PPS Fork you too, Mario Batali a.k.a. "Number 41". You and your skorts.