August 26th, 2005

Late Summer Brooklyn

I love the old ladies at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, in their extravagant sun hats and sunglasses, sneaking in their gardening gloves and shears and snipping some flowers and herbs here and there for their own gardens. Maybe sneak is the wrong word because they are surprisingly indiscreet. I can’t wait to get old and get away with everything.

I had a nice late day at the gardens, it’s not quite late enough for migration so I set my sights on the things I usually ignore – turtles and fishies. The occasional flower. I did see and hear a few warblers, but hardly close enough to get any pictures. I did get a (blurry) picture of this bunny, though!

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Some stuff

I didn't realize how boring my last post was until absolutely no one commented on it. I'm pretty proud of that. Just some things...

I made a MySpace profile so add me if you love me. I'm completely internet over exposed.

Vegan in Black has awesome gothy vegan t-shirts! See?

Edited to add: This isn't me! It's from hillary's (vegan in black) site.