July 30th, 2005

Picnics and punches in the face

I forgot to remind people that the picnic is today. Well, if you are around Prospect Park today we will be picnicing by the picnic houses (how appropriate!). If you enter at the 5th street entrance walk past the road - we will be to the left of the picnic houses close to longmeadow.

I made 4 pies - cherry, blueberry, apple and cherry blueberry apple. When I ever I bake a lot of pies I get the urge to punch someone square in the face. I don't know why the violent reaction, it doesn't seem to happen when baking other things. Once all the pies crusts are rolled out though I feel a sense of elation and the anger goes away. I think that whatever the psychology surrounding this phenonomenon would give us some insight into Martha Stewart's life.

In any case the pies look great. And I made potato salad for the first time in my life. I don't know how I've escaped ever making it before but somehow life just turned out that way - my first potato salad at 32.

Well I hope to see some of you there (so that I can punch you in the face).