July 9th, 2005

World's Most Busted Vegetarian

Peta's worlds sexiest vegetarian:

"Vegetarians are sprouting up all over Hollywood! Going green is all the rage among the red carpet set, as more and more celebs are embracing broccoli and giving beef the boot."

So now in 2 years we can have a bunch of ex-vegetarians running around discrediting us. And thank you for the intelligent US magazine vernacular - I am going to start saying "All the rage" and "celebs". The legitemacy of their claims* aside - what of the shag carpet set?

I would like to do a poll for the World's Most Busted Vegetarian. Featuring someone that is all worn out from fighting for justice their entire lives. Submit some nominees and then I'll start a poll. Barring that please vote for Weird Al for sexiest veg! Everyone vote Weird Al!

*American Idol winner Carrie Underwood was fishing in one of the AI montages, Avril Lavigne supposedly hunts and eats McDonalds. She may have just recently gone veg though, in which case maybe Peta shouldn't be jumping the gun - how many people go veg for 2 months then shit talk it for the rest of their lives?