July 5th, 2005

Vegan Ital in Crown Heights

I finally walked up to Nostrand Avenue and checked out this vegan Ital place I've been hearing about for years called Imhotep. It was worth is for the veggie patties - I will definitely go again - but it wasn't as good as Veggie Castle (a converted White Castle in Flatbush now featuring all vegan Ital food!). I am not crazy about stunt meats anyway, but if you are you would probably like this place. The veggie patties were filled with mashed potatoes that were green presumably from collards and kale. The crust was perfectly crisp and flaky - yum. The actual place was somewhat dreary, the tables had plastic coverings over animal print tablecloths and the seating area was small and cramped, but the people were friendly so whatever. The front of the space sold your average health food store items, bulk herbs and spices and a few things I just had to buy - chicken and beef flavored tvp chunks for instance.

For 9 bucks you get 5 items from the buffet, I chose green beans, fried rice, pumpkin, mock duck and chickpeas.

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- drumsticks, bbq gluten and some other stuff. It's at 437 Nostrand Avenue off Park Place.