June 28th, 2005

The Tofu Container Challenge!

I hate when I get a package of tofu in one of those plastic containers and all that packaging goes to waste, and I know you do, too. So let it be known that this is THE TOFU CONTAINER CHALLENGE! Use your creativity to come up with fun/functional/decorative ways to use those things.

First prize: a PPK t-shirt and DVD
Second Prize: TBA* (something awesome)
Third Prize: TBA* (something awesome)

The contest will last until July 15th. Post pictures between July 11th- 15th. Post your entries on the PPK boards here. After your studious panel of judges has evaluated all the entries the winners will be announced on July 18th. Not only will you gain fame and notorioty, you will be saving the landfills (for the time being anyway) and inspiring a generation to do the same.

1- No violence. If you use threats or intimidation to distract your opponents you will be disqualified.
2- Use as many containers as you like!
3- Don't try to bribe the judges!

*If you have prizes to donate get in touch with me.

Help to spread the word by posting this challenge in your blogs/journals/message boards/etc!