June 15th, 2005

Alicia Silverstone has a way of working things out

Something funny happened at the Tacqueria. I ran into a lovely woman I used to waitress with years and years ago and she told me she reads this journal, and we got to talking about the lack of awesome vegan eateries in the hood. Then we talked a little about where I might get money to open a restaurant and I said “I think it will come from Alicia Silverstone.” And she said “You think it will appear on it’s own?” and I said “No, Alicia Silverstone.” And she said “Yes, those things have a way of happening.” Or something to that effect. And I said “No, I think Alicia Silverstone will give me the money.” And we had a good laugh, because it sounded like I was saying that things will somehow work out because of karma or something, but meanwhile I was depending fully on Alicia Silverstone.

I guess we'll have to wait till after the honeymoon. 

PS Good quote from the honeymoon article:

"Being granola-eating vegan hippies, the couple became husband and wife in bare feet."

Someday some journalist will mention veganism without the word hippy nor the word granola.