June 6th, 2005

Tofu and fireworks

I had an awesome dinner.

It's grilled asian tofu and scallion mashed potatoes with asian mushroom gravy and of course you recognize my good friend corn. So good, and so nice not to have to write everything down. The tofu was marinated in mirin, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and hot sesame oil, then grilled (obviously). Then I used the remainder of the marinade to make mushroom gravy. Then I sat my ass in front of the TV and watched an excellent episode of Six Feet Under.

Speaking of food, there's a really awesome new place on Ludlow Street called Radha. Sure, it may be a Hare Krishna cult but the food was damn good. The Peppersteak Wrap and french fries is highly recommended.

Last but not least, there were fireworks in Prospect Park the other night, followed by a screening of the real Star Wars on 2 huge screens in Long Meadow. Here's some 'works.

Oh, I lied that wasn't last or least: The Post Punk Kitchen forums are up and running and waiting for you to join! I know I bugged you yesterday about it but I have no dignity. Go join!