May 23rd, 2005

We couldn't get it together to put up more clips...

...But The Cuban Cowboys (The World's Best Greatest Surf Rock Band) did! I am not sure when this happened but somehow Jorge must have gotten his hands on copies of the dvds because there are clips from PPK Episode 4 featuring the Cuban Cowboys on their site. Go check them out!

That day was sooo awesome. The sunshine, The George Bush Pinata, the music, the guac, the tequila, and our hair somehow looked fabulous.

Oh and The Cuban Cowboys are playing Mercury Lounge this Saturday. Go experience their sexiness for yourself. And we will put more clips up soon. Someday.

My best friend is funny

Usually journalling IM's is annoying, made even more annoying when coupled with a disclaimer that they are annoying. BUT

bestfriend: im in arcade fire heaven

bestfriend: i cant wait to lay in bed and listen to them

bestfriend: this is so much better than reo speedwagon