May 10th, 2005

This Thursday 5-12, Satya Mag Partay!

Satya is having a party to celebrate their Art & Activism issue. There's going to be free food from Food Swings and hopefully it's a nice night and we can hang out in the outdoor area at the Gate (in Park Slope). I love that place and haven't been there in years for some reason. The Coney Island (my birthpace) artist-in-residence painted some cool banners and you'll get to see them in real life! Vegan food! Beer! Coney Island! Gonna be awesome.  

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Why can't all TV chefs be more like Sara Molton?

I was visiting one of my favorite LJ communities Rachel Ray Sux and I came across this great idea: " I happened to end up in four bookstores on Sunday, and in each one, I covered up all the Rachael Ray books with other, better cookbooks. "

Then the soothing sounds of Sara'a voice came on the telly. I like Sara Molton's show. She's not coming up with stupid nicknames for things or interviewing "celebrities", she's simply teaching people how to cook. She has dignity. She frequently cooks vegetarian as well, I think she may have been veg at one point, but not sure. She had Anna Thomas (who wrote Vegetarian Epicure)as a guest once and talked about how she used her book throughout college. One thing that I learned from Sara is to use wonton wrappers to make individual lasagnas. That actually led me to make raviolis out of dumpling wrappers. Little things like that make her show so worthwhile, meanwhile Emeril's show might turn you into a mouth breathing neanderthal who thinks he invented cilantro.