April 22nd, 2005

The PPK is gone!

Well, our old domain is anyways. From now on we can't use www.theppk.com - it's a long story. Basically the person who was hosting it for me is MIA and the site has been down for 4 days!!! So I got www.postpunkkitchen.com and I am working to transfer everything over, right now the site is a mess and the recipes don't work. I don't think I need to tell you how much this stinks. We're going to lose our awesome google ranking, all the recipe ratings and we will possibly need a whole new database. All this a week after my harddrive was wiped clean and I lost half my book. I am trying not to be too upset by all of this, it's not like anyone has died. But it stinks, especially because we have so many people linking to theppk.com. I hope people can find us in our new home!

To add insult to injury, I bought a hairbrush the other day and when I got home and looked at the handle: 100% Pure Wild Boar! What an un-vegan week.

In happy news, the dvds have been sent off to the dvd factory and I expect to have eps 1-4 for sale next week - FINALLY. Oh, and t-shirts are coming! WIth a cute new logo!

PS Don't offer me advice on how to get the site back, I have tried ABSOLUTELY everything. No! I know you're thinking "But have you..." Yes! I have!
Womigod, that wild boar brush has turned me into a real bytch.

New logo!

Here is the new logo!

Thanks for all the words of support from my last post, it cheered me up. I won't worry about the google rankings. Or I will worry in secret. No, I won't worry.