April 15th, 2005

I forgot to talk about my perfect bag

I'm not particular about much but when it comes to my bag I have tunnel vision. It has to have a long sturdy adjustable strap, it has to have several utilitarian pockets, it has to be able to fit magazines perfectly plus a diary, but it can't be soo big that stuff is swimming in it  and if it's cute, well fine. I don't get short strapped bags, I mean, that makes it a purse. Who wants a purse?

Anyway, on my trip to Moo Shoes today I found the perfect bag. It's not as bright as it looks in the pic, it's more maroon. Because bright is a no-no. It was $55 but obviously I'd rather spend a little more money at a vegan place than buy something at Target (not that I am above that, just sayin'). Plus this bag is vinyl so it won't get all soaked through in the rain. Anyway, behold.... the perfect bag.