April 14th, 2005

I love PPK

I just watched a PPK marathon and it was sooo awesome. I don't write that to be conceited because I'm thinking more of how great the editing and camera work is and how cute and funny Terry is. I feel like a famewhore because well, I'm a famewhore, and B) I get all the credit for the show but we have some very hardworking people slaving over it day and night.

Denise, our producer, gathers all the equipment, rounds up the bands, films the live music and makes sure our hair and tits are in place during filming.

Niharika is an awesome editor chopping up the 80s fun, giving us the awesome montages that we love so much and adding music in just the right moments and just being all around adorable.

This week has been crazy hectic with harddrives being wiped out, finally getting the dvds and tshirts together and finishing the book so it was nice to just sit on my ass and watch the action. It got me all inspired and happy. I can't wait for the Freddy's viewing partay, just to have everyone in the same room eating cupcakes. It's gonna be awesome.