March 7th, 2005

“I used to run home from school crying and call PETA,”

I just googled the title for my cookbook "Vegan with a Vengence" and found that there was an article in Psychology Today titled the same thing. The article doesn't say much, mostly that vegan adolescents used to be misunderstood but not so much anymore. There's this gem though:

 In 1999, a student was suspended from a Salt Lake City–area high school for wearing a shirt that said “vegan” on the back. School administrators insisted that veganism was a gang-related activity.

What sorts of heinous crimes would you have to commit to be jumped into a vegan gang? I say edamame eating contest, but I'm just one girl talking. Anyway, read about how this kid was pelted with meat and ran home to call... PETA? I can only assume that then PETA made him parade around naked wearing nothing but a placard. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. No, I love PETA. If it's good enough for David Cross it's good enough for me.