January 25th, 2005

Recipe testers wanted!

Does anyone want to test recipes for my cookbook? You will get
1- Free copy if the book
2- PPK t-shirt & DVD
3- A thank you in the book
4- A free dry hump. OK a virtual dry hump. OK, a thank you in the book.

What you'd have to do:
1- Test one recipe a week for the next 2 months
2- You can choose what sorts of recipes you want to test
3- Report back with the results.

All of the recipes will have been tested by me so they will be good, it won't be blind testing. So what do you say?!

Woah you guys are awesome!

So I picked you guys for testing:

I wasn't expecting so many responses! I think I can only pick 12 people or so, so I sort of randomly went through the names I was most familiar with and left a cushion in case people can't really make the commitment. If your name isn't here I'm sorry! I just can't pick so many people, it doesn't mean I don't love you. Great, now I feel like a big jerk. Thanks. (That's my way of turning it around to make you feel guilty instead of me.)

OK, so if you're name is here and you still want to do it, I am going to create a new community where we can discuss all this. If you decide you don't want to do it after all, no hard feelings! Many a times I have made internet promises that I didn't make good with and I understand. But basically the deal is what I wrote before, 1 recipe a week (roughly 10 recipes), and report back your findings. The 10 recipes could include one that you made before and that was modified as per testees feedback. When I create the new community you can tell me the recipes you are most interested in trying.