January 22nd, 2005

A vegan palindrome

Re: vegan, Nag ever?

Mumbles wrote it. It's blizzarding and Saturday Night Live is it's usual self. I came up with this invention: a rearview mirror for shopping carts. Or, alternatively, daggers that shoot from my back when someone bumps their shopping card in to the back of my legs. Wait, daggers or acid?

I'm not gonna go out

There's a foot of snow and I don't have the accoutrement to go play in it so I'll stay in and cook instead. A jalapeno seed jumped into my eye whilst I was chopping and it burns. Weird because I was wearing my glasses. Right now I'm "braising" cauliflower. Truth be told I didn't know what braising meant til this morning, apparantly it's like a combination of sauteing and steaming, that is, you are steaming your veggies in their sauce.

In scone news, I've given up on making an awesome scone wih veg oil, I'm going to just bite the bullet and use spectrum shortening and earth balance and there's notihng you can say or do to make me change my mind.