January 5th, 2005

Babies, Magazines, Ethiopian Food

I am about to become aunt and I am so excited. I don't know what the baby will call me. Aunt Isa? Isa? Eesy? Aunty? All week I've been dreaming about the baby. In the last dream it was a girl but who knows, it's annoying to hear all the guesses, there's only 2 choices and I hate how smug people are when they're right. Family seems like such a final thing, it's a strange feeling when suddenly there are more of you.

I walked around Park Slope trying to find a copy of Satya Magazine today because there's an interview with me in it and strangely I ran into Eric from Satya who interviewed me. He told me they don't have the paper copies yet. This always happens to me: I meet someone and for a month I run into them constantly. Then I never see them again. Oh but here is the interview, it's online. We're also on the cover of the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Guide but I haven't been able to find that.

Here are some pictures of the Ethiopian Pizza I made tonight. Great comfort food and a nice change of pace.