December 27th, 2004

Shepardess Pie

I made Shepards Pie last night and it was yummy but my photography skills make it look more like something I dropped on the floor.

I'll use it for the cookbook though. This weekend was incredibly productive for my kitchen, I made 4 things that are definite keepers for the cookbook: Shepardess Pie, Raspberry Blackout Cake, Seitan and Kale Stromboli, Raspberry Lime Pancakes.

I am obsessed with cookie magazines, I got Better Homes and Gardens 100 Best Frikkin Cookie Recipes of all time an I've been tearing out pages of the things I want to veganize. Lemon Drop Cookies, Peanut Butter Pinwheels, Fig Bars. The list goes on and on. So this week I think will be a cookie week. I should really be working on entrees but my heart always goes back to the cookie.