October 20th, 2004


The problem with atheism is that you can't say things like "We'll let God handle it" or "It's in the hands of God". It's more like "I'll just procrastinate and be lazy and see what happens". I'm not thinking about anything in particular, just my whole entire life.

So we are negotiating doing a demo with with professional producers and possibly trying to get a real show out there. In a way it seems so impossible, you watch True Hollywood Stories and call bullshit everytime a Jewel is living out of her car or an Olsen twin was just an infant waitress when suddenly she was discovered. But why not? There is so much crap on TV these days it's not the craziest idea that our highly sexy and entertaining cooking show should become a "real" show. I was watching "Cookin' in Brooklyn" today and thinking that shmuck probably didn't doupt himself for a second, he naturally assumed that the world needed to see poorly written (and executed) skits about him slicing hotdogs with really bad production value. I think David Bowie said it best when he said "Fame, what you something something (ineligible)".

I'm going away for 4 days, to a vegetarian bed and breakfast. I'm excited, although it will mean that rent will have to be late because this place is so expensive. So if I don't return your email it's not because of my usual reasons (lazy, confused, forgetful) it's actually because I won't be here.

I leave you with a site that posts people's grocery lists, via Amy.