October 17th, 2004

Pumpkin fun

I'm trying to keep the oven on at all times because our heat isn't on yet. I got a pumpkin today and scooped the seeds out and roasted them. I'm going to post some pics on the site as soon as I'm done with whatever I'm going to do with them.

Right now I'm roasting the pumpkin, I just cut it in half and put it in the oven at 350. OK, fine, I didn't do it I had my husband do it. I sat here and ordered him around, though, and that's got to count for something. I guess I'll make pumpkin pie. I'm also making cranberry sauce, but I'm a little sick so I just don't feel like it. It will be very angry cranberry sauce, I'd have my husband do it but I'm a control freak. A very lazy control freak, which sometimes makes it difficult.

Omigod! As I write this, the pipes begin to clang! The heat! It's coming on!