October 11th, 2004

Vegetarian wish list

Ya know, I didn't know Guiness wan't vegetarian until this summer. I don't drink much but I did used to cook with Guiness a lot. Guiness in Chili, Guiness in chocolate cake. I just can't believe not one crusty vegan ex-boyfriend of mine knew about this, as they drank Guiness after Guiness to wash away the pain. The pain of being a crusty. Anyway so I came across this Vegetarian wish list article and yeah, I can understand the Guiness, but another "food" on the list is Smarties. Smarties? I believe those to be little colored balls of sugar, and I just can't imagine that many people are aching to add them to their diet.

In any case, my friend Amy has found a yummy vegan stout called Dogfish Head, as well as supplied me with a list of vegan beers. That's pretty much all she's good for, emailing corporations. Last week she also confirmed that Spectrum Shortening does not have hydrogenated fats. So she's good for that and public vomiting. You'll read about it in my memoirs. If you have any other questions about products let me know, I'll pass them on to her, or she'll see them when she stalks my journal.