October 9th, 2004

Vegan test kitchen

I'm thinking of starting a livejournal community for testing out and perfecting recipes. Wanna join? It would be different from other vegan cooking communities in that it would be creating our own recipes and we would have stricter guidelines (like no packaged meat analogues, limited use of margarine, fake stuff). I guess I will start it and see what happens, if you want to join and/or help with the manifesto let me know.

I've been making pizzas lately, I love it. I'm lucky to live in New York where we have hard water which is what makes NYC pizza crust so great. Speaking of pizza, I went to Frannys on Flatbush avenue, which is supposed to be like, awesome brick oven pizza (there's all this hype surrounding it) and I was incredibly disappointed. I grew up in Brooklyn and have certain expectations when it comes to brick oven pizza, like a smoky charred flavor and I guess, just flavor in general. Also, they didn't slice it (in NYC we don't eat pizza with a knife and fork), if they're going to pull that they should at least give each table a little pizza wheel. That would be cute. But no, they didn't. The crust was BURNT. Not crispy, not well done and rustic, it was BURNT. And the toppings were skimpy, in the way that food for rich people is skimpy. I understand minimalism with food and I usually respect it. But 5 slices of garlic on a pizza that says it's topped with garlic is just pathetic. Our appetizer was broccoli that had the living hell fried out of it, dipped in a batter that could have been heisted in a daring daylight action from the tempura place down the street. Other than that the service was good, the atmosphere was nice, but when you're paying 11 bucks for a little cheeseless pie I guess it better be. So yeah, I wouldn't go back there, even though they supposedly support local farmers, it's pretty much a rip off. And my pizza is better. So if anyone wants to come over and give me 11 dollars for a little individual pizza let me know, I'll even slice it for you.