September 16th, 2004

I'm market researching the hell out of you

I am revamping my cookbook. It was originally intended to be a brunch cookbook but I've decided to go tits out and do a general cookbook. My concept is "Sophisticated Home Cooking" (this marketing book I read said that you should be able to sum up your idea in 3 words so those are the words I chose, they are subject to change).

I plan on including a healthy sized chapter on substitutions and general kitchen tips. I also plan on including absolutely no recipes with store bought meat analogs (those always seem like such a cop out for a cookbook).

I've listed a couple of questions below, if you can answer any of them I will be so happy and I'll post my coveted recipe for Chocolate Waffles with Cherry Sauce. Thanks in advance, I really really really appreciate it!

1-What do you like about your favorite cookbook ? (This can pertain to non-vegetarian cookbooks)
2-What do you feel most vegan cookbooks are lacking?
3-What is the most important thing you look for in a vegan cookbook? (pictures, fast cooking times, gourmet recipes, simple ingredients, "exotic" ingredients, healthy or unhealthiness, the writer's "voice", etc etc)