September 1st, 2004

Philly and Pumpkins

We've been busy working on our cookbook so no updates lately. It's really fun but it's a lot more work then I thought it would be.

I went to Philly and showed Episode 3 to an audience and also filmed a little waffles segment which was really nerve racking, to be "performing" in front of people. I'm not exactly shy, but people make me nervous. I have big problems with eye contact. I think it's because when I was a little in Jewish sleepaway camp I was looking at one of the pretty cool C.I.T. girls in two tone shorts, mesh shirt and slouch socks and then she looked at me and widened here eyes and made a retard face at me. I'll never forget that, so thanks for ruining my social skills, Rachel Wasserman.

Right so Philly. I absolutely love it there. I got to see some old friends who now run a crazy sexy bike used bike shop called Firehouse Bicycles.  I got to eat Ethiopian food. And I met some awesome new people. Unfortunately I didn't get to see many films at The Lost Film Fest. I really wanted to see Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land.  I met Liz, the filmmaker and we became best friends, if only for as long as our injera lasted. Yum, injera. Philly really does have the best Ethiopian food ever.
Oh and I had a "fan" show up and that was so great! She introduced herself and bought a dvd. We talked scrambled tofu. We hugged. It was beautiful

In show news: Episode 3 will be showing again on September11th because Episode 4 is still not finished. You can watch it online:
Click on Channel 1 in the first column at 3 pm on Saturday

Or if you live in Brooklyn:
Brooklyn Channel Guide:
Time Warner Channel 34
CableVision Channel 67

And we'll be filming our Halloween episode soon, the menu isn't set yet but you can be sure that pumpkin will make an appearance. So Rachel Wasserman, if you're reading this I hope your jealous that my life is great and you are thrice divorce and spend all your money on liposuction and your boyfriend's car payments.